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I help marketing teams create great content, save time, and publish consistently. I write clever copy focused on conversions and listen to my clients’ needs and wants. Marketing agencies and SaaS, welcome!


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SEO & Web Copywriting For Marketing Agencies

I know how difficult content creation can be for a busy agency. When you’re busy, producing great content means:

    • Lost time on weekends
    • Less energy for other business tasks
    • Less playtime with your kids

I have amazing news for your marketing team!

    Salvador Cardenal

    “Salvador’s content hits the nail on the head, every time. His blogs are timely and relevant, with some of our top engagement rates on the website and social media. We’ve even repurposed his work into email campaigns and landing pages with equal success.”

    Russell Wojcik, Content Strategist at Digital Current

    “Finding a writer who is good at marketing can be a real challenge. And finding an outsourced writer for creating product landing pages is almost impossible. But Salvador once again proved that to every rule there is an exception. He is the one who goes that extra mile to actually understand the product before creating the content for your company.”

    Igor Shekotikhin, Head of International Growth at JivoChat

    “Working with Salvador was great. His articles are well researched, and it's clear that writing is his passion. He's always open to feedback and understands quickly what the brand's voice is. I'm already looking forward to future collaborations.”

    Paula Grochalová, ​Content Manager at Kontentino

    "Salvador was a pleasure to work with. His communication is excellent, and he kept me up-to-date on every step. He was clearly passionate about achieving the goal of the piece and was very open to feedback, which he implemented stunningly. I highly recommend!”

    Maeva Cifuentes, Founder of Flying Cat Marketing

    “This is an absorbing, well-explained and fun read on an essential topic; including actionable pointers… And it’s content that is very close to our hearts! Psychology and emotion are huge factors in ANY brand’s marketing — plus all other areas of business. Unmissable for any pro currently planning ‘humanized’ marketing initiatives for 2019.”

    Sam Hurley, Marketing Influencer and Managing Director at OPTIM-EYEZ
    Read the quote here (in the third section).

    About your team

    When satisfying your clients takes all your time, creating enough content is either impossible with your current team –

    – or it becomes a chore.

    How do you find the time to create a masterpiece out of a blank page, along with the space to let your creative juices flow?

    You obviously know the other way out – outsourcing the job. I’m not going to pretend you’re dumb.

    The problem? Finding the right copywriter isn’t easy. It’s like Tinder with more clutter and without a juicy reward at the end.

    Either the content lacks that ‘something’ that leads your audience smoothly through the sales funnel, or you need to spend your weekends editing to make sure it does.

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    You can see me on high-ranking marketing sites like Kontentino and Ecommerce Platforms, covering topics like conversion optimization, Inbound, SEO, Ecommerce, and much more.


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    Web Copywriting Services!

    Main services

    When you only need web copywriting and content creation. Easily deployable.


    Blog Articles

    My signature offer.

    If blog content creation is what you need, you found the man.



    I'll clean up any type of content, including email, social posts - anything.

    Social Media

    I'll find the right words for your social media content. I can also use Canva to create infographics, banners, and anything you need.


    Copywriting in general

    Email campaigns, product pages, lead gen guides, and any marketing content.

    Complementary services

    Need more than content? Only for some small brands.

    SEO Strategy

    We will work together to find the right keywords and prove Google that your site deserves more traffic.

    Content Strategy

    The strategic process is fun. We're going to use this Hubspot resource to help us make a plan if necessary.

    Website creation

    I'll build you a website from scratch that your audience is going to love. I can even build sites for your clients.

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